About US

We are a small scale breeder of pet rats in Ewing, KY. My fiancée and I have had pet rats for over 1 year. We had purchased our rats from  breeders within Kentucky.

We started doing our research on what it takes to be a responsible breeder and we decided to try it. There were no other breeders in our area and only one pet store in the next town over. We finally managed to get a good healthy male and female that were both extremely sweet and they gave us our first litter.

All of our rats are spoiled pets who live in spacious cages, filled with baskets, hammocks, and toys, in our living room where they get loads of attention and love daily.

We generally stick to a total of 1 breeding male, 2 breeding females. We like to keep it small so that we can ensure the health, temperament, and socialization of all our rats and their babies. When one of our does are in labor I try to stay with them as much as possible. More than once, I’ve moved their maternity bins.​

All of our babies are temperament tested before going to their new homes. We strive for quality over quantity and typically have a litter every 3-4 months. 

We offer lifetime breeder support that includes answering any questions or concerns, giving advice, and if needed taking back or helping to rehome rats from us.